Considering LASIK or PRK?

We offer laser surgery consultations, pre- and post-op care.

Just like a fingerprint, each person’s vision is unique to their eyes. Until recent advancements in technology, doctors were only able to use standard measurement techniques to correct vision. Essentially, the same prescription was used to design glasses, contact lenses or a laser vision treatment procedure.

Custom laser technology can now be used on both LASIK and PRK procedures. We only use centers that have this technology. While we do not do the procedure in our office, we will see you before and after to help you make decisions about your correction.

Am I a good candidate?

According to the FDA, you must be at least 18 years old and your glasses or contact lens prescription must be stable for at least 1 year. Stability is defined as a change of 0.5 diopter or less in your prescription over the last year. You cannot be pregnant or nursing; you cannot have collagen vascular disease and you cannot be taking certain medications. In general, over 95% of people that wear glasses or contacts are good candidates.

To discover laser vision correction, and to determine if you are a good candidate, please schedule a FREE consultation with our office. Call 303-443-4545 today.

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